Welcome to Drechsler Information Technologies

Before you wonder (or ask) what this is all about:

This used to be the Internet site of the first (kind of) company I founded in 1993, when I started to work as a freelancer.

"Kind of" company, because this is not a corporation. DIT is private, unlimited businness entity. Basically just me having a tax number.

While I moved on over the years, ... It is still my first born, right?

So I decided to use it from now on for all the stuff that is IT related, but I only do for fun.

Since fun is more fun when you share it... well here it is! I hope you enjoy it and maybe find it usefull.

Have fun and happy tinkering!

Latest Posts

2018-04-08Electronics: FeatherM0 ASF Tutorials - 08 I2C SSD1306 128x64 OLED
2018-02-22Electronics Software Libraries: SSD1306
2017-08-30Software Graphic Libraries: Font
2017-08-30Software General Purpose Libraries: Stack
2017-08-30Software Graphic Libraries: Framebuffer
2017-08-27Software Graphic Libraries: Draw_Fill_Test_Pattern
2017-08-27Software Graphic Libraries: Draw_Line_Test_Pattern
2017-08-27Software Graphic Libraries: Draw
2017-08-24Electronics: FeatherM0 ASF Tutorials - 07 I2C SSD1306 FeatherWing_OLED
2017-08-11Electronics: FeatherM0 ASF Tutorials - 06 SPI WINC1500 WiFi
2017-08-09Adafruit's FeatherM0_WiFi - WINC1500 Firmware Upgrade
2017-07-27Electronics: FeatherM0 ASF Tutorials - 05 ADC
2017-07-05Electronics: FeatherM0 ASF Tutorials - 04 RTC
2017-07-04Electronics: FeatherM0 ASF Tutorials - 03 Button
2017-06-03Electronics: FeatherM0 ASF Tutorials - 02 RS232
2017-06-02Electronics: FeatherM0 ASF Tutorials - 01 Blink
2017-06-01Electronics: FeatherM0 ASF Tutorials
2017-04-07Jolla: Global Functions
2017-04-07Jolla: Traversing QML page children
2017-04-07Jolla: Horizontal Scrolling SilicaListViews
2017-04-07Jolla: Sticky Page Headers
2017-04-06Jolla: Linking C++ and QML code
2017-04-05Jolla: Programming Harbour Apps
2017-04-04Jolla: D-Bus Inspector Version 1: Usage, Source
2016-12-08Jolla: CompanionTOH Attach/Detach Interrupt (Experiments)
2016-09-01Other Stuff: Nanuk
2016-08-27Jolla: CompanionTOH Attach/Detach Interrupt (Simulations)
2016-08-26Jolla: CompanionTOH Cypress PRoC EEPROM emulation
2016-08-23Jolla: TOH EEPROM programming with Arduino as ISP (EEPROM, Software, Simulation, Experiment)
2016-08-18Adafruit's FeatherM0_WiFi - An Odyssey
2016-06-11Jolla: TOH CAD
2016-06-10Useful Stuff: Reverse Engineering of a Keypad in FreeCAD
2016-05-29Jolla: Bluetooth Discovery
2016-05-22Electronics: LIDAR Lite2 I2C - Cypress PSoC CY8C4247LQI-BL483
2016-05-17Electronics: LIDAR Lite2 I2C
2016-05-08Electronics: 1 Wire 3 LED PWM - TLC59731
2016-04-10Jolla: QiTOH Proof of Concept
2016-04-07Jolla: QiTOH (4) - The winner
2016-03-26Other Stuff: Pictures Singapore
2016-03-05Other Stuff: Wakeboarding@Punggol Cove
2016-02-28Robotics: R1 Bumpers
2016-02-28Useful Stuff: MOV to MP4 with PIP
2016-02-24Electronics: Dual Comparator LM393
2016-02-24Robotics: R1 RPMs (2)
2016-02-23Transparent Touch Screen
2016-02-22Robotics: R1 RPMs (1)
2016-02-21Useful Stuff: From KiCAD to CAD using FreeCAD-PCB
2016-02-20Useful Stuff: From KiCAD to CAD via VRML
2016-02-20Useful Stuff: From KiCAD to CAD
2016-02-03Jolla: QiTOH (3) - Adafruit
2016-02-02Jolla: QiTOH (2) - IDT
2016-01-31Jolla: QiTOH (M) - Mano's
2016-01-30Jolla: QiTOH (1)
2016-01-23Robotics: R1 MotorControl (1)
2016-01-23Robotics: R1 Chassis
2016-01-10Jolla: TinkerTOH (2)
2015-12-12Jolla: ShapewaysTOH
2015-11-30Useful Stuff: GIT commands
2015-11-28Electronics: I2C Level Shifting
2015-11-19ePaper Display
2015-11-14Jolla: TinkerTOH (1)
2015-10-29Jolla: SDK on Win7 x64
2015-10-22Jolla: The new toy has arrived