Electronic Paper Display

2016-05-20 10:23

The source code for the SAMD21_Xplained_Pro is now available on this project's GitHub page.

2015-11-19 10:23

Electrophoretic Displays (or ePaper Displays) are some cool stuff:

and it keeps the last picture. Without any power supply needed!

Atmel EPD Xplained Pro

So a few days I got myself an EPD Xplained Pro kit.

It looks like the kit is actually made by the Taiwanese company Pervasive Displays (PDI) that makes the ePaper panels.

They say they are for the SAM4L Xplained Pro and SAM D20 Xplained Pro boards. But I only have the SAM D21 Xplained Pro Evaluation Kit here. But since Atmel claims the D21 is upward compatible to the D20...
How hard can it be? Right?


To make a long story short:

The SAM D21 is NOT a SAM D20 and also there Xplained Pro boards are not quite the same!

I hate to have to register!

These days you have to register everywhere. Normaly they take your data and give you little in return.

So I was not very fond of the idea to have to again register, just to get the project code from PDI's web site.

And than it did not work!

I love that I had to register!

Well ok, it was hardly there fault. No one ever said they support the D21...

Something like two days after the registration the first email showed up. But wait! This was not the normal marketing stuff. Someone actually asked me, if I was happy with the product or if I need something.

So I told them, that I have a few problems, but also that it was probably my fault, since I was using the wrong board.

That did not seem to bother them.

They patched me through to there development team and over the next couple of days we exchanged tons of mails and went through all the hard- and software (I'm afraid there wasn't much development these days - Sorry guys!).

Show me something!

And finally, because of PDI's outstanding support, I actually have something to show

and a much better understanding of how ePaper displays work.

Thank you guys!