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Jolla and SailfishOS

The Other Half EEPROM programming using an Arduino Uno as In-System-Programmer

2016-08-23 09:37


It's time to bring out the hardware!


The setup is like shown in Fig. 1. Don't mind the differences in the EEPROM size or the resistor values. That should not make a difference.


  1. progam the ISP code into the Arduino, using e.g. the Arduino IDE
  2. connect to the Arduino using e.g. Hyperterminal (9600baud, 8N1)
  3. wait a second in awe...

If we got it right, the result should look like this:

Reading from Jolla Phone A

If we did a good job, this EEPROM now should be readable for the Jolla A TOH-demon.

Let's hook up TinkerTOH-2, to see what we get.

If you take closer look at the picture, you'll see the implementation of this circuit:

Let's see what the Jolla makes of the EEPROM content.

Looks good to me!

Now have a look at to see what you can do with it.