This library is designed to draw graphic primitives in the Framebuffer of a graphic display.


draw_circle() Implements the midpoint algorithm set the pixel_value on a circle of pixels with midpoint [x0,y0] and radius.
draw_ellipse_rect() Draw an ellipse inside the rectangle specified by [x0,y0], [x1,y1].
draw_fill() Flood fill an area starting from point [x,y] with pixel_value_new.
draw_line() Implements Bresenham's line algorithm to set pixel_value for a line of pixels form [x0,y0] to [x1,y1].
draw_rect() Draw a rectangle form [x0,y0] to [x1,y1] using draw_line.

Files in this library

Draw.h Draw library declarations
Draw.c Draw library implementation


This library is currently implemented for the Atmel Software Foundation only.

You can get rid of this dependency by