Jolla and SailfishOS

QiTOH - Part 4 - And the winner is ...

2016-04-07 10:23

neither the IDT nor the Adafruit.

TDK Qi Receiver module

Browsing the store of my favorit supplier, I stumbled over a TDK receiver module.

This data sheet shows, that the receiver module is max. 1.00mm thick. It should fit into a TOH without bloating the telephone notable.

TDK Qi Transmitter

As web-shops go these days, this one offered a TDK transmitter modul, again at a very competitive price.

Beside the better price, another advantage over the IDT transmitter is, that it uses a circular coil and it is build for you to fold it.

That opens the way for a very compact design, right out of the box.

TDK Qi Charging

And YES! It does charge the Jolla.