DIT Graphic Libraries - Font 06px

The source code can be found on GitHub.

2017-08-28 07:43

A tiny 6 pixel height, proportional font.

The memory footprint of this font is also optimized, by using only a nibble (4bit) per character scan line.
No special treatement of this font by the user is necessary though, since the following function handle the "decompression" of the characters, into the Framebuffer.


font_06px_draw_character() Draws a single character of the font into a Framebuffer.
font_06px_draw_string() Draws a sequence of characters of the font into a Framebuffer.

Files in this library

Font_6px.h Declarations for the 6px font
Font_6px.c Implementation of the 6px font functions


This library is currently implemented for the Atmel Software Foundation only.

You can get rid of this dependency by