DIT Adafruit Feather Library

2017-06-05 02:34

During the tutorials (and maybe later for "real" applications) there is some information that is needed by several applications and some tasks that are common to them.

To avoid having to reimplement or copy this code all the time, it is common practice to create library files and reference those whenever needed in a project.

I created a couple of library files for working with the Adafruit FeatherM0, while writing the tutorials. You can find these files in the root directory of the solution (.c and .h files starting with Adafruit_FeatherM0_*).

Feel free to use them in your own projects, if you find them useful.

Adafruit_FeatherM0_LED Driving the FeatherM0 on-board LED
Adafruit_FeatherM0_RS232Running RS232 communication over the FeatherM0 TX and RX header pins JP1.2 and JP1.3

Using the DIT Adafruit Feather library

All you have to do is:

  1. Add the path where the header .h files are to the include search path of you project
  2. Add links to the implementation .c files to your project on project level (or you will get linker errors)

To add the .h file path to the include search path of you project:

To link one or more .c files to the project:

For me, using AtmelStudio 7.0.1417, this only works when the library files are linked in on project level.

But other people, using other versions, apparently had the same problem (see here for details).